Issues with live

Hey, I can’t seem to connect to other planes on live.

I have good wifi and can connect to the internet.

When I go on live and load up there are no planes on the whole map, or ATC, this happened since I started playing on the playground server.

I’m on iPad so I can’t post pictures for some reason but screenshots will be coming when I figure out how :()

Hello Oscar!

So the devs can idenify the issue, we need the following:

iOS Version:

Infinite Flight Version:




IOS - 7.1.1

Version of infinite flight - Can’t find the numbers, it’s the latest one though

Yes I’m jail broken, never done anything with IF with it though, whatever I buy I buy legit :))

Thanks for helping


Screenshots will be posted if I get my computer up and running

I think it might be because your iOS outdated and that you have a jailbroken device,

See, even if it may “look” like it’s not affecting I.F. - in theory it may.

Although I am not a spokesman for Flying Dev Studio, I can recommend the following:

Upgrade your iOS (and remove Jailbreak).

Hope this helps!

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Forgot to ask, what iPad are you using?

IPad mini, strange now, because I’m able to do it…

Seems to be on and off,

I’ll update if I get more info

The Jailbreak is the source of the issue. Undo the jailbreak and restore to factory settings. Be sure to update to the current iOS.

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Alright, thank you