Issues with instrument panel blurriness

On all Boeing 777 variants, the instrument panel for the aircraft are blurry (see attached picture). I have all of my graphics settings on high expect for anti-aliasing which is off. I do not know what to do, please help

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Maybe restart your game

Following. I have this issue all the time

Do you mean restart as in close app and re-open or delete the app then re download, because I did both and they did not help?

Hi, seeing you’re new to the community you might be new to the sim as well. From the main menu, can you go into settings → Graphics and check your texture quality setting? If you are in a flight this setting will not be displayed, so you might have easily missed it and it is set to low by default

Maybe give your game some time to load the textures.

Then if that doesnt work check your internet connection and double check

Not sure about that one Blake. From what I understand, the game loads the textures during the initial loading process, or else why would you not be able to change it while in-flight

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I have had the issue where it isnt quite done and it fixes it self with a insecure network connection

Okay so it seems like turning off and back on my wifi on my Ipad, does the trick! Thank you everyone for your quick response

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