Issues with Infinite Flight Multiplayer

I am using infinte flight live + pakage that gives all aircrafts with maps and one year subscription of live…recenly when i log in to any of the server in multiplayer…the green icon which is in top right corner to indicate connection stays in orange colour and then red in colour! This is going on for past 2-3 days…please help solve this issue…I am using iphone 7 . I only play on wifi connection and sometimes on cellular hotspot

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when the connection status indicator is orange or red, it is because your network connection is compromised. Close all apps, restart device power and restart power to your router and modem.


It means it’s your internet connection

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Did everything…restarted router…restarted my device and even reinstalled the game…its still not working! Internet is working fine and other multiplayer games on my phone worked perfectly…

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yeah i had this too dont worry its not your internet connection ts1 is having some problems with connection i had it yesterday too idk about today

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Iplayed yesterday & TS1 was not working. Try it now & it should work as it worked for me. 😀✈️


Same here, had a few problems on TS1 yesterday after rebooting the phone… whilst Netflix / YouTube and other services were smooth as silk.

Much better today so I guess whatever the issue was has been fixed for some at least?

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