Issues with Heading and VS Upon Landing

When I come to land, just before, I disengage AP and fly manually.

The second I disengage, VS starts jumping, heading veers off the runway.

I heard trim fixes VS, so what trim percentage would you recommend?

Heading, is just… I can’t fix it.

I genuinely have to land off the centerline, and I try to correct it, but it doesn’t work.

Please help!

This doesn’t go in support cause it ain’t technical.


Are you calibrating your device before disengaging A/P?

Are there crosswinds taking you off the centerline?

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Can you share a video of this happening?

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Did you check your control sensitivity settings? That might be an issue. If they’re overly sensitive, even a small movement (and even after calibrating) would cause this to happen.


Another tip: don’t calibrate your device on a descent. Calibrate it at straight-and-level flight.


This may vary since different aircraft have different physics. Some unreworked planes have poor physics and needs as much as 70-80%, but in most planes it’s around 20-30%. The general rule is to trim until the red line disappears.

Add to this, I would recommend not calibrate until you’re ready to disengage AP. Calibrate and immediately turn off AP and you should be fine.

No can do, beta won’t even let me go to replays.

They’re all on default.



What about my heading issue?

That’s odd because I’m able to access my replays just fine.

You didn’t mention you’re in Open Beta…

You might wanna report this issue in #open-beta in that case. Or has it been an issue since before you got beta?



Hey the same kinda happens to me
Never press the A/P button
I just disengage each one individually such as SPD ALT & HDG Separately

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The heading is still an issue, please help! Bumping the topic!

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ok then, I always use a flat surface and calibrate shortly before takeoff so that I keep the same position from start to finish thats the only thing I can recommend. Keep a nicely calibrated aircraft.

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I mean landing, not takeoff…

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It applies to both.

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