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I was doing a flight from EHAM-EGLL just a little while ago, everything was going smoothly until I was told to turn left off course of the approach and maintain 5,000 FT. Right after I was given vectors, the approach frequency went offline. Everytime I would contact a frequency to try to get to the airport, it would go offline within 1 minute of me being tuned to it. To avoid violation, I just went along with it and stayed on the vector path, however, a few minutes later I completely overshot the airport and I am convinced that no controller I contacted was getting my messages. I checked my internet and everything looked good and strong. Nothing was wrong with my connection. This is frustrating because I could hear every other user being tended to in the minute I was on the frequency.

Of course, I’m not making assumptions or pointing fingers, but an explanation would definetely be nice.

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Andrew (N27A)

iPhone XR

Hi there, yes usually controllers will hop offline as they have finished their session, you will know they have ended with the tag that pops up in the middle of the screen saying [frequency name] offline. From this point if you are not under control from an approach controller just make your way into the airport at your own discretion (while maintaining visual sep with others). When an approach goes offline you can try and see if a tower frequency is online and contact them for a pattern entry to the runway.
So just clarifying this isn’t an issue it’s simply just the controller ending a session

Thanks a lot for this reply, however, the odd thing about it is that after a few minutes I checked the active frequencies again, and, the frequency that had just gone offline was back online. Once I tuned back to that frequency, it went back offline!

Not trying to be a pain, but I just feel like the oddity of this situation is something to bring to attention

When you click on the frequency tab where you send commands it will say how long a controller is open. Usually, for a radar controller after 1hr, they will start to end their session. Another reason for causing the offline message to appear would be that the controller can lose connection and reappear later which is what may have happened in this situation

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