Issues with flight plan loading

Hello guys
The simulator keeps deleting my waypoints after spending much time in entering them… I have an iPad Air 2019 and this issue is getting on my nerves… Any help would be much appreciated

Hello! Could you provide a screenshot of your issue to get a better understanding of what is going on?

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Have you tried using ?

Just need a log in for a source website, makes flight planning much easier and accurate! And more importantly, let’s you copy and paste your route!


Would this be caused because you entered something in the search bar, but IF came up with no waypoint for your search?

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Yea! Sometimes i entered waypoints from my flight plan and they aren’t present in the IF, then everything entered got deleted 🤦‍♂️

I’m using SimBrief for flight plan generation but not all waypoints in the flight plan present in the IF

Use fpltoif as previously recommended. If the points arent present in IF then it generates the way point using coordinates.

Problem Solved!

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First, let’s establish exactly what’s happening before we go throwing darts.

Are you entering a full flight plan with GPS waypoints and then searching for single waypoints to add after that?

Will try this… Appreciate your help 🙏

No! I enter them one by one from SimBrief

GPS waypoints can only be entered as part of a full flight plan which is copy-and-pasted into the search bar.

If you try to enter 3432N/12036W for example, you won’t be able to add them individually or you will lose your flight plan.