Issues with Emirates A380 1999 Livery

Hello! The A380 has been incredible so far! Though, The Emirates A380 1999 livery has some notable mistakes, and given that it’s the most popular livery BY FAR in the sim & Irl, I think it deserves to get those stuff fixed.

As you can see, the tail, looks noticeably different from the IRL one, and in the front, it’s missing the aircraft type “AIRBUS A380-800” text, which Is a part of the Emirates livery.

The new livery though, Is spot on!

Would you please consider fixing it? It’s by far the most important livery for the A380, and it’s literally the only A380 livery that has issues in the sim! It would be greatly appreciated!

Just a new tail design and a text and it’ll be perfect.


Is it the same with the 50th anniversary livery?

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A topic has already been posted to this and the people who control this know

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The tail thingy yes, not sure about the A380 text.

About the tail or the text? And will it be fixed? It’s the tail that’s been bugging me the most cuz we literally have the same issue with the B777.

If they can get the new livery tail right even though it’s a more complicated 3D version, surely they can get this one right right? I really hope so.

I’m talking about the text on the nose, but I don’t really see a huge difference in the tail, but hopefully they will see it and fix it

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The shape Is a little awkward. I really hope it gets fixed, it’s the Emirates A380 we’re talking about, they’re the kings of this beast they own half of all A380s that exist, yet it’s the only livery we have that I’m aware of that has noticeable mistakes.

oh boy there’s a big difference

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yeah this needs to be fixed and i think it’s the same on the 777’s

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Yeah it’s definitely noticeable!

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Ever got in the cockpit of the Korean Air A380?

I haven’t! Why would it have a different cockpit though?! 🤔

These issues were brought up throughout the Beta cycle but were not addressed in time for release.

I passed this along to be looked into again.


Was it just the text or the tail too? The tail is more important imo.

Thank You very much! Appreciate It! 🙏

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Yes, the tail issue was previously noted.

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The differences are very minor IMO and are perfectly acceptable for what is otherwise a mobile flight simulator game. Of course that’s just my personal opinion and I know not everyone is going to agree with me.

I disagree here, the difference is not as minor as you’re making it seem. The flag just doesn’t look right,it looks really weird coming from an Emirates fan.

I mean if British Airways A380 got fixed because the registration were not matching and Lufthansa’s wings were also fixed to be white,

Why can’t Emirates be fixed if it has even bigger issues than a letter and a white wing, and it’s by far the most important livery, unarguably?

Also let’s not forget that the Emirates B777 in the sim has the same issue, but let’s not talk about that now.

The EK A380 needs to be fixed. I don’t see why it wasn’t fixed and the others liveries were fixed when apparently these issues were pointed out pre-release just like the others? Not fair.

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Internally noted.
Thanks for bringing this up. :)