Issues with EGLL ATC - Training Server

I had some quarrels with the ATC on London today. I have not been able to find a function to report ATC and if that does not exist, it should. This is really out of hand.

For this one, the controller, “al,” asked me to go to Runway 27R, and by the time I was on the taxiway, heading away from 27L, he tells me to go to 27L. I try to correct him, but he is set and stone on that runway, so I have to taxi all the way around. It kind of seemed like a troll.

For this one, the controller, “Sam Rolfe,” tells the Cessna Citation pictured at the top of the screen to line up and wait. Then he proceeds to say he was not cleared to enter the runway. Eventually, the Citation ignores his contradiction, and the controller states they are not accepting “incoming” aircraft, despite the fact that he was departing, not arriving.

Finally, I request takeoff, but the tower tells me to hold short twice. The closest aircraft was 8-9nm out, plenty of space to make a quick takeoff.

If anyone knows if either of these controllers are on the forum, I would like to speak with them.

Sorry if this post is improper, but this has gotten quite out of hand.

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That’s why it’s called the “Training” server. People are still learning how to do things and get better at it. That controller probably was testing out some things, or probably just didn’t know what he was doing.

Anyways, if it really matters to you that much, keep being an amazing pilot, and you’ll be rewarded with the Expert Server, where all your problems will diminish. :)


I can’t, man.

I couldn’t say it better :)

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People advise you to learn more by interacting with ATC, that way you can be better on expert, but it wouldn’t work, because most of them are like this. I’m just gonna go with touch and goes at SoCal Airparks.

@Noroftheair those type of people can indeed be annoying. But it is a Training Server and people are going to be bad at ATC, or just be completely rude and troll.

But anyways, I would love to have a report button or a more in depth correction system for Pilot to ATC communication. Sure, it is a Training Server. But we still need people to at least have an idea on what they’re doing, or even have an ATC violation system like they do for flying.

For the reasons you’ve stated and just how dumb some people can be on the Training Server, I will ONLY, and I mean ONLY fly on the Expert Server. Like @FlyFi said, try your best to try and get to the Expert Server.

If you want to know exactly how I got into the Expert Server and how I dealt with annoying people on the Training Servers, feel free to PM me! :)


I think most of the people who do ATC in training server don’t watched the tutorial for being or become an ATC so they get a gread and so it’s good for themselves they must be careful . Personally I do ATC in training server 1 or 2 but I watched the tutorial first, after I started becoming an ATC in training server . But theses days they training server becoming 😏😏😏😩😩😩 and everyone want to be an ATC even my dog so hmmmm let imagine what will happen after when global will be released I don’t think it will be the same I hope it will change 👌✌🏿️

That’s what the Training Servers are all about!😀

This is why when I control I always try to do my best. I’m not an IFATC but I sure do try to act like it. It helps create a better experience for both the pilots and The controller(s). :)

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Map > Tap aircraft > Tap information > Tap Report (located on the right bottom corner of the info slide)

This function for pilot requires 3+ reports for the pilot to get ghosted.

Only thing what can help you guys on TS with Troll Controllers:
Draw a big nice butt on your plane ad wiggle it in front of the tower…
Sadly thats all in the moment…
Cheers 🍻

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