Issues with contacting tower/approach

Hi dear pilots,
We (IFATC) are noticing a problem lately, many of you can not contact
Tower or Approach, be sure to take a screenshot when it happens, in cases of heavy traffic it is possible that you are ghosted, so the screenshot will serve as a prove .
we can not see if it’s an issue or not.
And happy landing


I haven’t encountered this issue and hope not to do either but my question is as follows…

Q: Does this happen often?

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Well,no very often but is happening.


It happened to my friend but he didn’t understand what was going on and he just restarted IF. It happened 3 days ago!

Most of those I’ve noticed the issue have said they left the app during their flight. This likely isn’t “the X factor” but it’s been a pattern of a cause

@MarcelloM. MaxSez: “Leave the Pattern or Approach w/o contacting a controlling agency can be solve with the a few minor enhancement to the comm Menu. There are no Pilot opt out options in the Approach menu for example. “Missed Approach” is the only real option to leave a vector which generates a Re-Enter Command, Routinely if the Pilot choose to go to an Alternate or Brake off with a Freq change ya get a “Stay on my Freq” read back. Bad Juju for all concerned.

Suggest Clean up the Comm Menu’s and give some Pilot Friendly requests/responses to the decision makers. That should eliviate the majority of the intentional “lost Comm bug out” issues. Klar…
Just a well considered opinion… Pls consider it.

Info: @mwe2187

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This happened to me twice this morning while landing at SFO. This explains a lot.

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While the recent update has greatly cleaned things up and reorganized, cleaning it up doesnt change that a pilot loses contact and ability to reply to us and or get messages from the controllers.

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Does this look familiar to anyone? It doesn’t happen all the time. I started the session 10 minutes before taking this screen shot. Had full control. Then it seems as if I lost connection because everyone’s callsign went gold then disappeared. It “kinda” reconnected…But now I can’t contact them. They show up as GA aircraft. Unknown callsign, grade, aircraft type, etc. When I click “ATC” to contact them on the top right of the screen, nothing happens.

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