Issues with C-17

Evening IFC,

So i just popped over to KEDW on solo for a flight and during pre-flight checks, noticed that the rudder is now working visually (not sure physically) and the yoke keep getting jammed at full right. Tried restarting, recalibrating and it seemed to work only when i pressed Takeoff on the pause screen?

A5 (2017)
Wifi Connection
No modifications

Do you have autopilot engaged.


Update: Rudder works physically but not visually still.

The rudder wolnt work visually. The aircraft is rather old, and there are no animations.

If you would like animations, better physics, etc. I recommend voteing here:


The C-17 in IF is in dire need of a rework. The model is old so flight characteristics aren’t what they should be. In other words, certain functionalities like rudders, spoilers and gear are not animated.

Vote down below!


The C-17 is so outdated that there are actually no animations and no cockpit and the graphics are slim to bad.

Hopefully Infinite Flight reworks this Bird soon.

Vote for a rework here:



But what about the yoke.

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Disconnect autopilot then re-calibrate. The autopilot has the yoke in a fixed position so disconnecting will help.

Hum. Did you recalibrate? Or restart the app? That should do it…

Sorry thats a bad photo. I didn’t have A/P on. Must have accidently put it on there.

Done that.

Both of them?

Yes. Calibrated multiple times and restarted app.

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Do you have LiveFlight Connect enabled? If so, disabling it might work. I also recommend a complete uninstallation of the app.

Try restarting you’re device.

Then send us a picture without AP on. Because I believe you that this is happening without it on, but I just want confirmation since AP will do that…

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Could you also go to Settings, then controls, then tap ‘restore defaults’.

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I’ve gotta pop out but will get to this when i return.

The C-17 isn’t modified to be animated that might be why

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Seemed to work with a restart. Cheers

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