Issues with Auto Approach

Lately I’ve noticed that when I activate the auto approach a few things “can” happen a) the aircraft will come in a few degrees right of the runway, so I’ve had to dis-engage to avoid a Harrison Ford b) Once the plane corrects itself on final it will continue to make small correctional turns, never leveling out, again forcing me to disengage & finally c) sometimes it will fly in circles and then suddenly kick in. Anyone else had these sorts of issues? It used to be rock solid, but now I’m not sure whats gonna happen.

I have mainly noticed it in the Hawaii region esp coming in to PHNL (the circling happened on final to 4R - more than once)

I fly mostly the A320 or 787… happened today coming in to Hilo in a 787-10 it was bringing me several degrees to the right of the runway.

iPad mini 2, latest software etc…

Just wondered if anyone else noticed. Most of the time I’ll manually land, but sometimes I like to watch from different vantage points etc.

Reproduce following these instructions and tell us if you find an issue:


The 4R at PHNL, are you positive you had the ILS ‘locked’ on to 4R? I don’t use APPR (don’t know if it needs to be ‘locked’ to work etc), but i know on that standard approach the ‘auto select’ function for the nearest ILS frequencies alternates sometimes between 4L, 4R and PHNG (or whichever other field is NE)… maybe the APPR was alternating between them?

Yeah I was def locked in to 4R and today in to 26. So not sure really…

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I’ll give it a whirl and report back

I too had an issue today with the APPR mode at PHNL on RWY 26L. I was on glide path and on the localizer, had everything set up correctly with the correct approach selected, and it kept wanting to turn about 45 degrees to the right.

Normal hand flying the approach

Selected the APPR mode

I tried to see if the same issue occurred when on approach for 26R with the approach selected for 26R and it worked normally. I then selected 26L while on approach for 26R and the same turn continued. (Just curious if the ILS/GPS for 26L was on 26R)

@DeerCrusher sorry to go off topic, but instead of using APPR mode (especially in such great visibility) you should try the real world RNAV (RNP) to 26L. Much more fun, and it’s what really happens, instead of a straight in approach over the hotels and Waikiki beach etc.

Link to approach plate:


I know how to use it, but for ghits & shiggles I re-enacted and sure enough i encountered problem b as described above… some screen grabs. 1st one is manually lined up before activating the APPR… then it begins!!!

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i will try that… thanks!

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Im aware. I’ve got my Jeppesen Flight Deck Pro app next to me during my flights. I just went into Solo, primarily for the screenshots. I didn’t think much of this issue when I was doing approaches earlier, and didn’t take screenshots earlier.

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The approach path for 26L at PHNL isn’t a straight in approach. It’s a 304° heading to bypass the terrain, the a quick turn to short final. APPR won’t work on 26L at PHNL.

The original poster didn’t mention if he was going for 8 at PHTO today, but it’s the same thing. Not a straight approach.


@Tim_B see my post above re this RNAV (LNP) approach and subsequent plates for 26L at PHNL. Unfortunately, IF only has the capability to do ‘straight in 3 degree ILS approaches’ - every runway in IF (except London City for example) has been equipped with a 3 degree straight in glideslope, even when they don’t exist in real life.

Eg, the RNAV for 26L at PHNL does not exist in IF. The APPR function is not able to, nor is it trying to fly that approach.

As for 08 at Hilo, there is no published real world instrument approach for it. It’s only visual. Yet a white ‘approach’ cone exists in IF that APPR should be able to use, as unrealistic as that is…


This has gone slightly off topic, since i’m trying to establish if there is something wrong, not debate approach patterns into airports. I posted pictures on approach in to 4R PHNL, and had a similar issue on 26 at Hilo. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or…?

It’s just following the localizer as it should in each one of your pictures it’s slightly off Center, and is correcting accordingly. No problem there.

No, it’s doing this the whole time… It never used too… but this is extreme… There is def a problem. from the images i posted i waited until i was 100 ft above ground before disconnecting APPR and landing manually… so are you telling me from 8 miles out it is correcting accordingly?.. if thats the case, def something wrong. It’s so strange.

Yes in each of your photos you are offset from the localizer and it’s turning back toward it. It’s doing it’s job.

I don’t know how you can say that… when ever i used it in the past it would do an “s” turn to line up on the localizer, sure, thats normal… but now it rocks back a forth constantly… I know you think it’s doing it’s job, but as i said 8 miles to line up to the localizer!!! thats nuts. if i did not disengage i would crash… So i’m not trusting it’s doing it’s job sadly, because it never used to behave this way. Also i guess from the photos it’s not doing it’s job because, it’s over correcting itself and then having to correct itself again…so on and so forth… like i say, it’s very strange… only thing i can think of is to get someone to duplicate it and see if it happens to them.

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I will record it on my phone and post a link on here at approx. 2100Z recreating the scenario. 787-10 correct?

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Yeah… that would be great… Thanks Alan.

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actually A320 on approach to 4R PHNL