Issues with August Update

how about you start being grateful it takes a lot of time and effort to make these liveries. Give it a break yeah?


@ClarenceTheAvgeek and @Chatta290 thanks for the info 👍✌️

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Haters are hating🙄


Wow thats really unfortunate. Looks like we will be flying very slowly from now on

I agree! Maybe you should become a Dev and see how hard it is for you

Before anybody asks again:

Nobody at FDS knows when the update for iOS is coming.

It has been submitted to Apple and it’s in their hands. Any dates that you may see around the community and on other sites are purely speculation and are not official.


We’ll be flying at normal, realistic speeds :)


Thank you very much for the info!

I have actually done a lot of 3D Studio Max work so I know what it takes I have a lot of respect for the team at FDS.

Ok lol… I have no more like’s that i can give this hour😂😂

Do you know what time it was submitted?

I was talking to the guy you responded to, sorry for the misunderstanding😁

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Sorry should have been more clear. I meant it was unfortunate that he got 4 violations. And from the screenshots I’ve seen the cruise speed on the 787 is about 260kts. That’s slower than what I normally fly which is 280kts. I didn’t mean going at the speed of light. I should have been more clear

I pushed it at 2am pacific last night, while we were getting beat up left and right ;)


10kts, that’s what realism is about. And IAS shouldn’t be mentioned in cruise, it’s irrelevant. Use Mach speed instead.


My main problem is that I have yet to clearly find out what those flaws are…

All I get is: “there are bugs, please fix the bugs” with no context, no details, nothing… :(


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You realise many people aren’t capable of putting the issues into words the developers can understand due to lack of understanding of the actual issue at hand.

That’s for flight testing.


I think after the IOS update comes out, the feedback will be better in order to get a fix out