Issues with ATC @ FRA

Hey everyone,

So i was just on approach to FRA 07C on frequency with tower already cleared to land but Tower frequency kept telling me to contact Tower ATC, but i was already on frequency. Please check out the screenshot. Would greatly appreciate any clarification what i was doing wrong to avoid this in the future.

Many Thanks

I’d PM @JAR, since he was your tower controller at the time. It could be you simply weren’t showing up on his frequency, but I don’t know the situation so I’ll avoid speculating further.


No. I believe this was actually me. There was a miss communication between the approach frequency and tower. We were accidentally handing of them to a ghost frequency. Sorry about the inconvenience. You did nothing wrong:)

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Judging by the timestamps, it was after you switched over. But I’ll let y’all sort that out!

Idk. By the end of the session it was sorted out so idk🤷‍♂️

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