Issues with ATC connection while controlling

It’s at any airport. Regardless of the amount of aircraft on my map. It happened controlling an empty class Charlie and then it happened at EHAM when it was busy last night…

different issue.

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I was controlling KLAX ground and tower but every 5 minutes I was loosing aircrafts. It’s the second time it’s happening to me (same problems yesterday at LSZH)… I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Later this evening I’ll see if this worked

If it was just planes disappearing gradually or one by one then what you’re describing is slightly different. I’m controlling tonight so I’ll record the entire session to see if it happens again.

Essentially all the aircraft disappear and their tags on the right of the screen all go orange, I have to reconnect my internet and sometimes my session just to get back in.

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No no, it’s totally the same. I had 10 planes on ground and then suddenly 6 of them disappeared and their stripe on the right became orange

Well it’s similar then. As I said everyone disappeared. Nothing stayed on my screen.

Ah yep, sorry. Didn’t see the “all”

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