Issues with ATC connection while controlling

Hello, I’ve recently begun encountering issues when controlling ATC frequencies, to keep it short all the aircraft tags on the right of the screen go orange and my map goes blank with all aircraft disappearing.

This happened today while controlling Amsterdam radar, unless I’m very much mistaken I counted 4-5 separate instances of this. To say I was frustrated and annoyed would be an understatement, constantly having to restart the app and then deal with the spam of aircraft made it completely impossible to control.

My internet is on full connection (not exactly a tech wiz but it said max signal) I also had a strong overall internet connection in terms of speeds for upload and download.

Not too sure why this is happening but it’s preventing me from using the app for its main purpose to me. Any help would be appreciated!

(I’ve tried a restart of both the internet modem and my device)


This happens to me when I control a very busy airport as TGS. Aircraft disappears from radar and reappear as either greyed out or orange. I have not found a way to deal with this aside from just pumping out departures and having them change frequencies.

This is a bit different. When it happens everyone and everything disappears from my radar and they don’t come back, basically my app becomes useless until I restart it.

So, judging by what you say above, it is an issue with the app? @Alex_E

It seems that it’s that. Like I said I’m no expert so I’m not going to jump to a conclusion. Idk though, a strong internet connection shouldn’t be having issue like this…

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Yes, I agree. Are you on the TS or ES?

Edit: Looked at your bio. Saw you are in IFATC


Okay, for the meantime, I would recommend not controlling at busy airspaces until we determine what is wrong and find a solution, as we wouldn’t want to see you get reprimanded, although it is a connection issue. I will wait now though for an official like Seb. Good luck in fixing it!

Kind of hard seeing as all I want to control is the busy areas. I don’t intend on controlling until I can fix this anyways, wouldn’t make sense.

Thanks for the help :)

Yeah, aircraft’s keep disappearing from my radar too, don’t really know how to solve it. Even if I don’t have a ton of aircraft’s it happens.

I’m having the same issue.

Yesterday I had to re open LOWI 4 or 5 times because my app was crashing. It was frustrating, I thought it could be my device issue, but I don’t think so as I’m not the only experiencing that

Same here, every time on TGS when I have more than 6-8 planes on the ground (in the sense of them not being in the air and not the frequency) aircraft tags first trun orange and then disappear for 10 seconds or more. Sometimes I would spawn into a semi-busy airport and the aircraft won’t load in at all, even after a device restart just before the opening and restarting the app before giving another go at connecting. This is probably not the internet connection, as I had as far as 200+ mbit/s up and down with less than 200 ms ping to New York and 300-400 mbit/s to my provider here in Moscow at less than 10 mbit/s while this was happening. Over my months in IFATC it turned out a lot of people have this problem, quite more than it would seem to be just a one-user problem

I only had this issue a couple times. Once while controlling a Flash Flight at Vancouver. See if reducing the aircraft count helps. It could be other aircraft messing with the connection

I have the same issue when controlling TS ATC. Most of the aircraft disappears, and when they contact me, I can’t reply back to them. This also happens to me when I’m flying. Most aircraft disappears even though they are there.

I agree, as a pilot I can sometimes tune to the Unicom (124.00 for example) while the controller is on-guarding me from the same frequency (124.00) - which indicates that there clearly is a real person controlling Tower, so why can’t I tune to it?

I can’t see it in the left-hand quick ATC menu, nor can I see it when I tap on the airport while flying, to try and manually tune it.

It doesn’t happen often, but it definitely happens.

If I’m afraid that I’m gonna get a violation for non-communication or something, I simply quit the session now.

Seems like a technical issue in the game to me.

I recently received a violation as a result of this, I don’t want to bring that up as it’s been resolved and the controller was in the blind like me in terms of the frequency.

However, if this is a technical issue I’m sure more people have had this happen to them and it really is a degradation of the overall experience which I find to be great except for this kind of stuff.

Hope this helps!

I had a similar issue where pilots weren’t receiving some of my commands. I had this happen multiple times with the exit rw cmd and only seemed to happen when the I disconnected like everyone above and used the quick message bar.

Happened also to me literally minutes ago at EHAM, super busy airspace, I couldn’t communicate with some pilots. Was forced to disconnect them…

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I feel like speculation isn’t gonna help anyone in this situation. You should always be able to control without loosing aircraft, regardless if the airspace is crowded or not. Telling him to “control somewhere less crowded” most likely wouldn’t solve any issue.

@Enigma, this sounds like a bit of a different issue than the one OP is describing. I suggest making a separate support topic for it and I’m sure we can look into it.

The issue in this topic is a rather difficult issue to track & to reproduce consistently. If you experience this issue often, is there something that is always ‘constant’? For example, does this only happen at busy airspaces? and if so, how much is ‘busy’? - 30, 40 aircraft? Does this happen if there are multiple frequencies in use? The more information we can get the faster & more efficient we can be at determining the cause here.

Perhaps a good way to see what is going behind the scenes is by sending a log to the devs whenever you guys experience the issue, but I’m in no position to ask you to do this. I’m sure when Seb has the time he’ll look into it :)


It seems as though we could use some help from the tech-wiz, @schyllberg.

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