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Hi, I was flying from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo on April 9, 2021, when a player with the username A609C0AC (Grade 3) was landing. I had pushed from the gate and announced on SFOunicom, that I was Taxing to Runway 28L, Crossings runways 19L, R, and taking off from 28L. I was airborne and clear of the airport, when A609C0AC landed with Very close proximity to me, then initiated a Go-Around Procedure without joining or announcing on Unicom His/Her intentions. I would also like to say, that my weight and balance were very light in The B737-700 aircraft, I was off the runway before the intersection of 1L/19R, 1R/19L.

I can provide photos if needed, but I feel that as a grade 2 player, this was unacceptable from a
grade 3 player. This topic is best with attention to it.

Isaac Crabtree

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Hi did this happen on the expert or training server?

this was on the training server. I live in Mountain Standard Time, and my time of departure was 7:45pm MST.

Looks like this happened on the training or casual server. Unfortunately, things like this happens all the time on both servers, so there’s nothing that can be really done. Keep flying until you reach the requirements for Grade 3 and fly on expert, where more professional pilots fly and your experience will most likely be better.

No No No, you don’t understand.
I’ve had the game for 6 years, and have gone all the way up to grade 4, but violations have gotten me back down to grade 2. I’ve had the game long enough, and both my parents are pilots, so they have taught me that any issue should be reported and fixed with the perpetrator.

That’s great, but as I said, Training and Casual servers tend to be used by pilots with less experience or trolls, so there’s nothing that can be done as they are servers to learn and practice.
Sorry about your violations, you must wait until they expire to come back to expert and have a better experience in terms of users conduct.

i now that grade 3 people can “relax” on the training server, but this was horribly inappropriate. this player was in feet from the runway threshold as i was just at rotation. he had no intention to anncouce on Unicom. i know you are an importnt player, so please out of the happyness and wellbeing of players and the Sim, take this into consideration.

Nothing can be done! Since as its name deo server indicates, it is for people with less experience, and they have to learn little by little, or sometimes they are people who use the simulator as a distraction and not as something serious at all. Even so, thanks for wanting to do something about it, that is appreciated.

Cant do much about it if you were flying on the training server l. If you want to fly with experienced pilots I suggest to fly on the expert server.

Sorry to be blunt, but it’s a game, this shouldn’t bother you enough to write a long post about it…just move on

Hello Isaac

Sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately we do not monitor the Training Server as much as we do with the Expert Server in this case. Our only hope is that we try our best to continue to educate folks through tutorials and the user guide which everyone has access to.