Issues with 787-10

Moments ago I just attempted 3 take offs at LAX but the first time my plane skid off the runway after calibration wind was 7 knots. Second time the plane fell through the ground midway down the runway and 3rd attempt the engines simply cut as I was rotating. Not sure exactly what’s the issue here but in the year I’ve played this game I’ve absolutely never experienced this. It’s like I had 0 control.

Clear your terrain cache first (that’s for falling through the ground).
Otherwise I has no idea TBH.

Thanks will do

Try flying the 787-9, that should fix it :D

You think that’s the issue?

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@Peanut_747 It sounds like you possibly experienced a stuck accelerometer. Have you closed Infinite Flight, rebooted your device and then tried again?

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If Infinite Flight starts crashing, just start using a different simulator because you aren’t flying on Infinite Flight. Problem solved! :D

In all seriousness though, recurring issues like these should be investigated before it becomes something more severe.


Not in the past couple day’s

Kinda rude but ok 😂
Sorry for the off topic comments :)

That worked, thanks

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Good to hear, enjoy one of my favorite aircraft all time before they released the A359 and A330 Neo. :)

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