Issues with 24.2

After the release of 24.2, me and other players have noticed some bugs that have never been seen before.

  1. Stats not up to date
    Some of us here have noticed that their stats have not been updating, so if they do a 13 hour flight, the stats will not update and they won’t get their 13 hours flight time.
  2. Runway numbers glitch.
    This is a glitch I experienced. When I spawned in, I saw the runway numbers were messed up with some parts of the letters missing.

We hope that the Devs will be able to fix these bugs.

Regarding the stats:

What airport are you having issues with runway numbers at? :)

Thanks for bringing these up. The first issue mentioned should now be fixed as mentioned above and the second issue is reported in the Support category, feel free to continue in their respective topics :)