Issues when inspecting players (APP Crash)

Hello! Well, I wanted to share this inconvenient issue I’ve been experiencing with this new update. Yesterday, I was covering the route from Istanbul to Chicago, and when I inspected another player, the game automatically closed after several hours of flying. It was extremely frustrating considering the time I had already invested. Today, I was on a flight from Perth to Chicago, approximately 3 hours into the journey, and the game once again abruptly closed when I inspected another player. I kindly ask the game developers to please address this inconvenient problem, which is a bit demotivating for those of us who are affected by it. Thank you very much. :)

And to the players, I recommend not inspecting any other player during a flight because the game is likely to close on you (this doesn’t happen all the time; I noticed it occurs when you’ve been flying for more than 2 hours and the flight plan of the person you’re inspecting is a bit extensive).

iPhone 13
iOS 17.0.3

I haven’t had this issue yet, but I do hope you can get this fixed. As you said, I would avoid inspecting other player’s.

It’s something that doesn’t happen to everyone with the same frequency; however, it could occur. So it’s better to avoid it this way:) I’ve read in several responses from other topics that the same has happened to several people when performing this action

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