Issues Reporting/Commenting Gentle Reminder

Dear Community,

We cannot stress this enough, details are crucial to logging and trending issues. As we all know, the recent iOS crashes are at the top of the development team’s list to remediate. During reporting of these issues it is extremely difficult for the devs to sift through previous posts to guess which device and device details you may have had. With that being said, please ensure that even when not posting a new topic list the following details in every comment/post/topic:

  • Device Make & Model
  • Operating System with specific build (stating “latest OS” offers nothing to the developers)
  • Infinite Flight Build
  • Graphics Settings in app prior to beginning flight including Rendering and Texture Quality, Limit Frame Rate Off/On, Anti-Aliasing Off/On
  • Airplane Count (Low, Medium, High, Very High)

Apple and Android continually push new system builds out to their users and with that, conflicts with Infinite Flight and the devices running the app may improve or worsen. After reviewing tens if not hundreds of posts in #support after the release of 19.4 there seems to be a disconnect with sharing pertinent information to the devs but that’s okay because we are here to help and work together!

Finally, as always be sure to add relevant screenshots, videos and logs for the team to conduct their investigative assessment. Your participation is vital, greatly appreciated and a key component to the success of this simulator.

We hope that you are enjoying many of the features that came along with the A350 and the C172.


Thank You very much for clearing up this area, Levet. Through out the time I was here, I’ve seen meany topics without any information so I hope those topics decrease after this 👍

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This happens from time to time but that’s okay sometimes and we understand. We are usually able to get helpful members and topic authors to assist with tracking down this information. When the information is provided initially and thoroughly, it makes a big difference for the investigation.

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Very true. It’s amazing to have such a helpful community like this one :)

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