Issues replying to pilots [#1307]

Your Callsign

D4V1 (I was controlling)

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

Beta version 20.02.00 (455)

Device Information

iPad Air 3rd generation (2019)


When controlling center couldn’t respond to messages of some pilots, there was no option of response for some and there was for someone else.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • open center (Milan Brindisi Rome Zagreb) on expert server.
  • pilot check in / request flight following
  • no option of response / option of response

Expected results

A possible response for every message

Actual results

Couldn’t reply to some messages.

Log sent?


More Information


Replicated while controlling yesterday:

iPhone 8
iOS 13.7
Version 20.02.00 (455)

Option is available at time, not at others. With this, Flight Following request sometimes didn’t have an option for me to respond either.

Also able to reproduce on Tower and Ground frequencies.

Device: iPhone 8
OS: iOS 14.0.1
Build: 20.02.00 (455)

Issue: when pilots request runway crossing, the pop-up boxes for “Cross Runway” and “Progressive Taxi” don’t appear. Issue resolved itself after pilots took off and landed again.

Reproduced today on center.

Device: iPad Mini 4th Generation
OS: IOS 14.0
Build: 20.02.00 (455)

Sometimes the option to respond is there, sometimes it isn’t. Happens with check in and flight following.

Reproduced on Heathrow Ground on some pushback requests

Galaxy A70
Android 10
20.02.00 (981)

Reproduced just now at NZWN (GTS): One pilot requested “departure to the south” and I couldn’t reply to him, the green box which should appear for the response didn’t appear…another example was a go-around, the pilot himself did announced a G/A but I couldn’t respond to him, once again no green button for the response…

Device: iPad Pro (2018)
OS: IPad Os 14.0.1
IF: 20.02.00 (459)

Still have this issue

iPad Air 3rd generation 2019
IOS 14.0
Beta 20.02.00 (462)

Anyone able to find a consistent thing to reproduce? Seems random, can’t reproduce it. A video would help.

Edit: All of them are the large quick replies though.

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Okay guys, just tested this out on V2 and I didn’t have any problems with responding. I was able to respond for G/As and Departure request…

Not able to reproduce anymore, was maybe a bug or something🤷🏻‍♂️

Had this issue happen today twice while controlling radar (screenshot of one is below).

Device: iPad Pro 3rd Gen
App Version: 20.02.00 (462)
IOS Version: 13.6.1

Reproduced today on approach at FAOR.

Galaxy S8 Active
Android 9

Could not reply to any check-ins.

Reproduced on FACT Tower today

Device: IPad 2017
IOS: 14
Infinite Flight Version: 20.02.00 462

Reproduced today on approach an yesterday on center

Ipad 5th generation
20.02.00 (462)

Anyone have a video (not a replay)?

When i’ll control again i’ll show you

Reproduced today Helsinki Centre. Couldn’t respond to check-ins and flight following requests for about 2 minutes. Fine before and after.

@Trio video here

00:03 - Finnair 853 - Check in
00:12 - IFSA028 - Check in
00:19 - Hansaline 90 - Flight Following
00:38 - THAI12 - Check in

Device Info:
iPad Pro 10.5
iOS 14.2 Public Beta 18B5061e
IF 20.02.00 build 465

Reproduced the same issue as @jakcharvat and my screenshots were exactly the same. I’d say I’m unable to respond to about 25% of the checkins/FF.

iPad Air 3rd gen
iOS 13.7
20.02 build 465

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Were any of the aircraft that couldn’t respond Beta aircraft or were they all RTM aircraft?

@Robert_Mustillo @jakcharvat @Davide_DC @Sashaz55 @AsternAviation @Chitown @Pilot_Dave @Ecoops123 @yoshi_flyer @ToasterStroodie @AviationReports

I believe most were RTM.

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Same. I don’t believe any where beta.

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