Issues not fixed

Hey guys, I know, I’m really annoying with small details, but now I only have a question

When will IF fix this issues?!

Some of them has been reported years ago and nothing were changed, here I’ll leave you some examples:

• 777 wing thickness
• A321 outboard flap not animated
• 777 not working flaperons
• A350 cockpit windows too big
• A320 sharklet missing static discharges
• 777 flaps animations
• 787 broken wingtip
• 767 tail skid animation is backwards
• AA 772 logo flipped
• 777 and A350 wing colors
• 777 rudder animation (not accurate)

I know they’re busy working on 3d buildings and all but I think this details should be fixed soon, what do you think?

Comment below 👇


As much as these issues may seem easy to fix, staff have mentioned that some of the ongoing issues with certain aircraft variants aren’t an easy fix considering current factors. Though it may not seem as such, they are certainly aware of the majority of issues and will address them once it is possible.

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I think all these and more may one day be fixed in one big bug fix.

I’m not asking like “this needs to be fixed now”

I’m only wondering if we’ll ever see these things fixed 👍😁


You can’t exactly make that assumption considering some issues are more complex and will need more time to fix. In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be any bugs at all, and if there were, they would be fixed in one update in a prompt manner.


I’m sure if there’s a way to fix the issues, they’ll fix it. The time that it will take to fix the issues may vary, though - you could have issues fixed within days through hotfixes, or perhaps months and years.

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I really hope. 😔

I’m sure they will. For example, I believe the old A333s had a static engine bug or something along the lines of and was patched with the rework.

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Minor issues on models are generally fixed when something is being done on the model.

As we’ve probably informed you in the past, poking around on a 3D model after a certain point can for various reasons be disastrous which is why some issues are “abandoned”.

(You won’t find any app without similar issues, it’s just not possible to be 100%).