Issues installing IF on Amazon Fire

I just got the New Amazon Fire to get ready for global. I tried to install infinite flight and now it is not compatible with Amazon Fire.

You already own this app.

X David’s 3rd Fire

X David’s Fire TV stick

X David’s 2nd Kindle

X means it is not compatible with these devices

So you cannot install it

So just to be clear, you’re 100% sure that IF is incompatible with your new device, correct?

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I havea Kindle and it works.
What generation is your Kindle?

Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8" HD
Go to amazon app and search for IF.
You see in the Add to list (X) that it is not compatible Kindle Fire.
I have David’s 2nd Kindle and I have IF installed on it
When I got the new Fire I tried to install this app but it does not show up on my device when I search “MY APPPS”

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Ok, I have an older one.
So the issue seems to be with the newer Fires.

Check again. I have an older Fire. It to is now not compatible. If you ever uninstall IF you will not be able to reinstall. This will include global if it cost money to upgrade it thru amazon.

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Ok, you’re right. There seems to be a problem.
Let’s wait for @david to respond…

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Yeah Same here on my kindle, when I go and look for IF it is not listed on the Appstore anymore.

We have made no changes to our support for Kindles through Amazon. Only the 1st Kindle from 2011 is not supported due to age.