Issues in Infinite Flight that concern many controllers. Please contribute!

Hello everyone,
Recently I have experienced a lot of problems with KSAN (San Diego Itl.) users. Firstly, many Cessna pilots completely ignore all instructions. For heavens sake, a Cessna Citation X pilot kept on flying at 100 feet and passing extremely close to other airplanes! This issue needs to be tackled.
Secondly, patience. The aircraft there spam in the Tower frequency, insisting to be allowed to take off when there are many planes in a pattern, waiting to land! One Airbus A321 had to wait for 40 minutes to land due to a massive amount of users going on the runway without clearance!
Thirdly is one that you do without realising. At the moment, you can pass through any aircraft. No collisions means that people battle through other airplanes, just to be first in line! Someone has got to deal with this.
Lastly, is something simple. Sometimes, Air Traffic Controllers leave. This means for a moment, the frequency switches to Unicom. When a controller comes back, a plane may be landing while another plane is taking off. The controller attempts to make the plane go around. They say in the radio that they are going around, but instead completely ignore this. The plane then lands on top of another aircraft, which restricts vision and annoy pilots. If you have a similar issue, please contribute, and we will discuss this.



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So true. Have any concerns?

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If you have this happen control in paid regions. London Ussually has good pilots. Or you could try join IFATC

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I agree. But, sadly, all my friends normally do flights with me every day, yes, I like group flights. And they can’t go to a paid region, I don’t know why, they just can’t. So I have to go to KSAN, it’s the right size for our most enjoyed aircraft, the Boeing 737 300-ER.

How about try Amsterdam then. They have some perfect airports for you!

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This is true. However, I have a ATC duty at KSAN.

And, Amsterdam is very busy in April.

MaxSez: I could write a book about Playground hijinks and fledgling pilot error.
However, why waste the time. The Playground is what it is, it was designed as school house and serves that purpose well. Stop sniveling about it. Put your time and effort into earning access to the Advanced. Move on!

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where are SkyPatrol @Jan_Polet

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MaxSez… Sky Patrol died at birth fortunately. Vigilantism is an anathema! Good citizens would not stand for one. The Wild West is gone forever, the rule of law (Forum Rule/Moderators) will prevail.


Fine, if it’s required I’ll be Sky Patrol, WHATEVER THAT IS!

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Try either Sydney region or Singapore region, both lots of room for the bigger flights as well as great opportunity for ATC. Even though they are free not too much in the way of ‘nimrods’ flying there, give it a go!

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