Issues during landing and ways to calculate rotation speed and landing speed

Hello, I know this has been addressed somewhere but I cant seem to find it. Often moments before touch down I seem to hover in the air right before landing. I have reduced engines to idle at about 20 AGL and am usually going around 140 knots (always a350). Can some one tell me what I am doing wrong? Also are their ways to calculate the rotation speed and landing speeds, like an online calculator.

Also what is the most efficient way to create a flight plan, I usually have to type in each waypoint and this is quite tire some. Is their a way I can upload a flight plan through a 3rd party source?

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I recommend that you go a little lower than the localizer that will help.

The landing vary from your weight of the plane. The landing speed is around 140 kts

For the rotation speed I highly recommend Infinite flight assistant, it gives you the V1, VR, V2.

Pus it also give you more realism with adding passengers announcement. I highy recommed it.

Also use great to tool it calculates your V1 VR speed too and fpl etc…

This is either because you are idling the throttle too late or you are landing too fast.

On IFtoFLP you can copy the Flight Plan and on your map in IF just press Paste and you got the Waypoints on your map

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On the map press the search button a bit longer (the same as if you would paste something on your phone) and the paste sign will appear, just press it and your flight plan from IFtoFPL will be there.

It sounds like you’re flaring too much (I know it’s hard and happens to experienced pilots too at times). Just try to pull the nose up a bit less or set engines idle a bit earlier and you should see your landings improve over time!


That is a nice and useful website, thank you. I will use it in the future and for my next landing in around 20 mins at KEWR

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V1, Vr, and V2 is mostly a general term. My rotation speed is 140 knots for all planes unless i’m flying MTOW. It’s really up to you to determine at what speed you pull back on your controls.

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Actually that is wrong, vr depends on weigh, weather condition, flaps configuration and more… you should always calculate them using apps like IF-A or websites like FPLtoIF.
And there is nothing more specific then V1 Vr and V2

That’s why I said that

IF-A has a default setting which is inter-changeable

hello there for A350 landing speed is usually around 135-150 depends on you’re weight wind and temperature
when your landing in a A350 you usually would come in nice and slow and a few degress above the horizon just as you reach 50ft you can start to put your throttle to idle and glide down upon reaching 10ft pitch you nose up to flare your plane it will than have a ground effect that willl cause you plane to hover for abit before touching down onto the runway

here is the link to fpl.if its pretty easy to use just place desired aircraft and destination

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