Issues downloading

Im having troubles downloading the game i have a samsung a02s running android 11 i want to play this game please help me ty

Hi there, can you please put more information so we can understand what is happening.

What info do you need

Just say what is happening when you try to download, stuff like that

do you have enough space?

Theres no option to download in appstore and im sure i can run it if i can run x plane mobile just fine

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Can you provide us with screenshot?

Here’s the link to the app, open it. after that tell if this works.

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Hey Mate, it looks like your device isn’t compatible for Infinite Flight anymore due to Infinite flights android support at 21.1.

  1. Your device is a 32-bit device
    I can feel your pain as it happened to me aswell as i had an old 2015 samsung tab a 8.0. only just recently i have upgraded my device.

Hope it all goes well for you!