Issues downloading

Im afraid i cant download the app after the update and i want to switch flight sims from rfs to if my os and device is listed below

Device: Samsung Galaxy A02S

OS: android 10

Check your storage & if everything’s good try to clear cache of the play store app…maybe that’ll help !!

You can clear cache in Phone Settings > Apps > Play Store > Storage > Clear Cache

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I’m fairly confident you will be able to download the latest version of Infinite Flight, assuming that you haven’t messed with your device’s bootloader (e.g. You/a previous owner haven’t rooted your phone). If that is the case, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to download Infinite Flight at all, since devices with a bootloader that has been tampered with, automatically lose their Google Play Protect certification, which is a requirement to download Infinite Flight.

If you want to make sure, feel free to take a look at the requirements for Infinite Flight. All modern devices (which the Samsung Galaxy A02S counts as) should support OpenGL 3.0+, but it doesn’t hurt to check nonetheless. Get back to us if your issue persists.


It is not available on my device it says and i havent messed with a boot loader and tbis is a new phone

I assume you mean it says “Your device is not compatible with this version” when trying to install Infinite Flight (but please do correct me if the message you’re getting is a different one, it would make getting to the bottom of the issue easier). In that case, I would suggest clearing Google Play Store’s cache (as AvioBird said above) and data. You needn’t worry about the data aspect - you will not be signed out of your account or lose any meaningful data, it’s just an extra measure to help mitigate the issue. To do that, head to your device’s Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage, tap on “Clear Cache” and confirm by pressing the OK button, then do the same or “Clear Data”. Then, try downloading Infinite Flight again, let me know if the issue persists.

I deleted my cache and it still says not compatible. Sorry if this is aggravating you

It’s not, don’t worry - not fixing the issue in one go is expected when troubleshooting.

Not a lot more comes to mind, though.

First, check that you don’t have any software updates for your device.

Second, check if you have the latest version of the Play Store installed. To do that, head to the Play Store, tap on your profile icon > Settings > About > Play Store Version > Update Play Store. If it really is the latest version, a message saying “Google Play Store is up to date” will pop up.

The final thing I can think of (which has to do with my suggestion that you’ve messed with the bootloader above) is to check whether your device is Play Protect certified. To check if that’s true, you need to head to the same page - About - as in the previous step, and check for the “Play Protect certification” box - ideally, it should say “Device is certified”. If it says otherwise, then you will not be able to install Infinite Flight on your A02S since Infinite Flight requires Play Protect certification.

Well i dont have a playstore update software uldate and my device is certified so im not really sure

Upon further inspection, I found out that the A02S used to have a bunch of RAM options - and one of them is a 1GB RAM version. It kind of makes sense for a budget device, which the A02S is, but it’s not enough to run IF - it says so in the system requirements page I linked in a reply above. Could you please let me know how much RAM you have on your device? To do that, you can either enter the Developer option menu in Settings and look for Memory (it should be the first thing in there); or you can tell me the model number, which you can find printed out on a sticker somewhere on the box your phone came in. It should look something like SM-xxxxx.

I have 2 gigs but 1.4 of them used

It sounds like may be using a device with a 32-bit version of Android installed.

Could you perhaps download CPU-Z from Play Store and look what it says under the “System” tab and “Kernel architecture”?

Kernel version

4.9.227-22251183 # 1 Tue Jan 25 20:18:09 KST 2022

Thats what it says

The row above, Kernel Architecture is the one that’s interesting :)

Baseband version


I think thats it

Im have school so im not gonna respond fast on next reply you send

I kust did a quick research the Samsung A02s is running Android 10 one UI 2 on 32bit so yes thts the problem here

Im afraid i gave wrong info its actually android 11 sorry

Oh, interesting, I really didn’t think of that, since it’s a 64-bit processor it’s running on…

I also did some research and I echo what CrazyBee said above - it indeed is a 32-bit version of Android on a 64-bit processor. Now, there are ways to flash a 64-bit version on your device, BUT that’s 1. Really complicated to do and 2. More than likely make you lose Play Protect certification (and regaining it is yet another hassle) - to the point where I’d say it’s not worth going through all of this. I don’t condone it either - it’s not intended for the end user to do any of this, so I’ll leave finding the methods to do this to you and going through with it your own risk.

My honest advice is that you don’t tamper with any of this, though - it’s a complicated process for something small (by comparison).

Yeah its an risky process not to flash an 64bit firmware.

(I know it as i have phones where i did thinks like that but mainky to have newer android than the manufacturer were givin updates 😂)

Yeah, this won’t work at all unfortunately.

This is unfortunately not as uncommon as one would like with low/mid tier Android devices. Most common with Samsung what we can tell so far. No logical reason to it…

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