Issues Crashing

I never really have issues with InfiniteFlight but my flights crash about 5 times today for no reason and it was pretty laggy too… i don’t have other open tabs, my device is full charge and it’s connected to the wifi.

Try deleting replays and free up storage.

That’s unfortunate. Can you provide more info such as your device and settings you use?

What device are you using?

When the app closes it means it is simply out of resources and the OS is killing it.

  • Reboot your device before flying
  • Close any running programs
  • Ensure you have free storage space availablle
  • Lower your graphics quality and airplane count.

I’m on an IPad 6th generation and normally, everything runs smoothly at full settings and I never get any problems. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, shutting down my iPad for an hour but nothing seems to work…

I’m on an IPad 6th gen, I usually use max graphics and I never had any issue but I reduced it to medium and it still crashed… and I deleted the app and reinstalled it multiple times same for restarting my iPad. Thank you for your help btw!

Are you doing anything specifically when it crashes.

Thanks who everyone that helped me, I did a few uneventful flights so I guess it’s working properly!

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