Issues connecting to the server

Anyone else experiencing the same issue?


Restart you device, check to make sure you are on wifi, then reload IF.

Yep, same problem

Same here!

Same here, was working fine a while ago though.

Same here…

I used to think it was just me or my Wi-Fi or my 4G/LTE, but this problem isn’t easily fixed by simply resetting your device or turning off & on the computer. It is pretty pervasive and will pop up and disappear without warning. I can go an hour not being able to connect to to check my stats or to my live account to fly and then poof…I’m connected. It can’t always be the user and the users equipment.

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Same here.
Can’t login to the site either.

Something’s wrong.

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Same here. Was working fine an hour ago

Server maintenance? Update coming?

Maybe the devs are just restarting the servers or it’s under maintanence.

It’s 4 AM Laura’s time, I was enjoying my flight 😞

5:00 AM now for her time.

Maybe it was phillipe (sorry if I spelt it wrong) fixing something.

Same here😱

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Just one thing left to do!
Fly Solo until it’s fixed. 😉


I just finished my flight and had no connection issues whatsoever.

Same thing happened to me as well.

Ok now I can’t reconnect.

Same here!
Server was gone!