Issues connecting to the server

I tried to do a flight just now and it said infinite Flight is experiencing issues connecting to the server.

Please provide device type and software version. Restart the device and try again.

Ipad Mini 2 ios 11.0

Which server? Just tried the expert with no issues.

It won’t let me log into my IF pro account

Try a restart and see if that helps.

I got it too, I just hit retry a few times and it worked fine.

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I already did that and didn’t work

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Is this the first time you have tried to login?

Getting this as well

can’t seem to get on

Hit retry a lot and it will work

Apparently hitting retry a few times will do the trick.

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Just had to restart the app.

Are you all set now?

Appears so! Gonna give it another go.

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Yep, all set at the moment.

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Okay, sometimes with all of the congestion backing out of the app and restarting helps. Things should improve soon. Thanks you for your patience ;)

Yes, everything is good and I can fly.

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