Issues Buying Pro Subscription

Good morning, I have issues upgrading to infinite flight pro.
My problem is that I don’t understand how does that work.

I tried to log in with my Facebook account but it didn’t work because I didn’t sign up. And when I want to sign up … it just doesn’t work.
It has been weeks since I’m trying to purchase new airports and infinite flight pro and i can’t.
I have an iPhone 6s and I live in Paris so I don’t think I’m limited by my device or my location.
Sorry for posting here … I don’t even know where to ask help because even if Infinite flight is a good simulatior, help and support is not clear and understandable at all…


Firstly you said you try to buy airports how do you mean that ?. When you have installed the latest ubdate than, maybe try to login with you google/email account when you dont have a facebook account. After that you just have to choose how you pay the subscription.

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