Issues back taxiing at TNCM in the 747-400

I often fly TFFR-TNCM in the 747-400 and have to turn around at the end of the runway as the 74 take a lot of runway to stop. The issue is, my turnin radius between 5-20 knots isn’t tight enough to turn around. Am I doing something wrong? In the tutorial I noticed that used a 747-8 not -400 is there a turnin radius difference? Makes it hard to fly to TNCM

Usually I put my speed as slow as possible in order to turn perfectly. 5-8kts would be good with some power during the tight turn


Did that and hugely overran 😳


Doing a tight turn on a large aircraft on the ground takes a bit of practice. Start the turn with about 5-10kts and engines in idle. As the the turn increases and your speed decreases then put the thrust up to 20% for a short time, once speed has started to increase the engines to idle again. You might need to do it again to complete the turn.


Shouldn’t this be in the support category?

no, sometimes I hit the breaks and then increase the throttle while holding the rudders to the direction I want to go and this gives me a tight turning radius.

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I suggest applying brakes while turning, and increasing throttle power. For some reason, it works for me:)


This is not a support issue. A support issue would be a technical issue with the device or app that is causing an error, not user error. Thanks!


It is all about mastering the arts of throttles and brakes then combining the two.


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