Issues at Luanda

Hello, so I am currently simulating the Emirates flight from Luanda to Dubai, but as I’m taxiing, I realize that there’s no way that I can access runway 25 in the 777, which is what ATC keeps telling me to go to, and looking back at records, all the actual EK794 flights go to runway 23. What am I suppossed to do? Controller is @MaxMann


DM the controller personally.

Always follow controller instructions. Are you saying you can’t physically reach the runway?

The taxiway doesn’t have wingtip clearance for a 777. There doesn’t appear to be anyone there currently, but if someone spawns in, I’ll have a high risk of striking them.


You should be fine for the time being. It is most unlikely for an aircraft to spawn, even if so either attempt to swerve around them to maintain realism, or simply wait if possible.

There you go. I was watching you. You’ve luckily got your clearance to 23. I think you would’ve been fine as a A340 is taxiing to 25 on the area you would’ve taxied, and it’s clearance between gates seems fine.

I hope you enjoy your flight!


This ship has sailed and everyone is safe.