Issues at Fiji (NFFN)

I was at Fiji trying to do a flight with @elisua to Honolulu but we were unable to see each other on radar nor in IF. We could hear each other on ATC but that was it. We reset and restarted multiple times. Wanna let devs know of the issue.

No reinstalling wont fix this.

Ipad Mini 2
Latest IF build
Latest iOS


Hi Alan!
Have you tried clearing RAM? Holding the power button until the slider pops up, and then holding the home button? Is this issue with just you or did it happen to both of you? This also might be an issue with the server, maybe you could wait it out, this could also be one of the many bugs global still has that should be resolved in the next update.

Make sure you guys don’t exit the app while flying. Because if you exit the map and go back on, it takes a few seconds to reconnect to the server. So if you went back and looked quickly, didn’t see them, and you went back to message him or something like that, then that is the issue

@Chief305 both of us. & yes, perhaps it was the server.


Try connecting to a different WiFi network. This has happened to me before also. Another reason why you may not be able to see another persons aircraft is because you have not downloaded that aircraft. Hope this helps :)