Issues as a Pilot while contacting Approach

I need someone to solve this problem I’m sick of not being able to make contact with the approach tower thanks

Why does it sound like a training server?

Some admin change this topic to support

Its not the training server. @Manuel_Salmun

@Alexander_Torres1 are you on WiFi or cellular service?

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its not- the controller is @anon66442947 but from what I see I think its a comm problem

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This problem happened to me a lot in training, in expert it happened to me only 3 times

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My Wi-Fi is good I have iPad air 2

@Levet This topic does not go in support?

Expert man

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How strange, how many times has it happened to you?

It happens to me often. 2 or 4 times a week

I see and thank you for your response. It is likely that there was a connection issue between pilot and controller. Here’s some tips to help minimize these occurrences:

  • Reset your WiFi
  • Ensure you have a strong connection (signal strength is key)
  • Restarting Infinite Flight and your device regularly keeps things fresh
  • Avoid backing out of the app once you spawn even if it is for a few seconds
  • If you find that you are unable to communicate effectively with the controller then you can change your Callsign to NORDO but ensure that you follow the controllers instructions and maintain separation from other aircraft.

I’ve tried many connections and it always happens but thanks alot

Remember, as @Levet said, if you see that you have this problem change callsing to NORDO

Ok sure thanks

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Sharing from the community’s Support Faq Topic


Although to put it in airplane mode can be a solution, I recommend you to put NORDO to avoid a ghost

i recall seeing you but not hearing back from you

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I had to leave because you did not regain my call