Issues accesing old replays

Hello everyone, id like to ask for some help or clarification regarding this issue.

I am unable to open most of my old replays as can be seen in the bellow screenshot

Weirdly enough, as can be seen above, some replays are available to watch (it seems to be completely random as to which ones)

Anyone know of a fix / reason for this?

I am part of the Open Beta, but this issue is not related to it. It is an older issue, that i have been experiencing from SEP10, when my sub ran out, i have only now gotten around to posting.

You’re not signed into Pro, so your live flights originating in pro regions won’t be available to be watched.

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Huh, never noticed the correlation of the departure airports all being in non Pro regions.

Thanks for the fast reply, ill flag for closure!

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OP requested closure