Issue with vertical speed

I have been a fairly regular flyer on the game. I’m nit sure if this is me causing the problem or a new issue as I have not had it before the update. In Airbus aircraft, when I change the vertical speed during a climb, the plane will bounce in a range of about 1500ft/m. This is +/- 750 from the actual rate that I am trying to climb or descend at. I have adjust the aircraft to different speeds with a max of 340kts under 25,000 and as low as 240 with the same result. Not sure why this is happening.

For example, I will be climbing at a rate of 1700ft/m at 320kts going through 15000 and change the rate to 2200ft/m and the plane will “bounce” from 2030ft/m to 2340ft/m.

I believe it is just trying to adjust to the new inputs.

Try taking it slowly through incriments of 100 and let me know how it goes. High gusting winds have effected AP for me too.

Yeah try increasing it slowly, doing it all at once will make the aircraft jolt upward to achieve that new vertical speed. Let me know if that works out for you.

This is a known issue with the A320 series that FDS is looking into.

I had this behavior in the old version. Depending on your speed I had to adjust the VS in slower increments like Chatta and Mags suggested.

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Ya I’ve tried the slow adjustments. I have tried a lot of different things. Many versions ago the 717 had that issue but it got resolved. This is only happening in the A320 series as someone above stated was a problem.

Would it be possible to record a video of it?

I don’t think so. I’m on my iPhone and don’t have a second device to record it on.

Yes that’s altitude not ft/m

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Right, ok, thanks, I misunderstood :)

Known issue with this aircraft