Issue with the “User Guide Button”

This is what I get when I click User Guide on the forum.

Can any of you guys reproduce this? I’ve tried restarting, refreshing, closing the internet and and turning it on again, nothing has worked.

Apologies if this is in the wrong category, feel free to lmk/move it.


try restarting your app or restarting safari…

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Just did, didn’t work. 🤷‍♂️

click on one of the links there, what happens?

I go to the actual, working website.

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Have you restarted your device? Nothing has worked? Possible factory reset might fix it.

And I cannot reproduce it.

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The best thing to do is to clear your browser history or to clear your cookies. I cannot reproduce the issue, so it’s probably something on your side. You might want to use a different browser, if you’re using Safari, try Chrome.

Now, I’m not sure what their website is coded on, but that looks like a raw PHP with no CSS into it, so I would assume that your device is having some issue reading CSS and incorporating it with the PHP. A quick browser change or history clearing should fix it.

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Doing a factory reset on your device is a bit extreme. I recommend clearing your browser cache. If on an Apple device, you can do it in the settings app under safari


Check that your browser isn’t configured to block JavaScript. What you’re showing there is what the page looks like before some JavaScript magic beautifies it. Also make sure you have a stable internet connection, if the scripts aren’t loading then it can’t run them.

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Just tried this, it worked! Thank you!

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Ans thanks to everyone else for suggested tips!

Closed per OP request