Issue with the new update

Hello fellow pilots! I would just like to point out a problem I am having and a mistake I have made. I accidentally updated the Simulator before cancelling the beta so now I don’t have the full access to all the liveries. What should I do?

You still shouldn’t have an issue, can you send a screenshot of what your livery list is? (Also, change this to #support)

That’s actually what you are supposed to do.

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Hi, what do you mean by not having access to all the liveries? Did you have the 757 purchased and now it’s not or do you still have the older aircraft?

no. I updated the simulator before I cancelled the beta and now i don’t have access to all aircraft.

How do I do this?

So you’re saying there’s an issue with your Pro subscription? Can you follow the steps in this tutorial and see whether your subscription is still active?

No I don’t think your understanding. My pro subscription is fine. I just don’t have access to all the liveries. I know this because I saw someone flying the United continental Airlines livery with the RB211 engines but on my livery list it doesn’t show that. Also, the normal british airways livery isn’t showing.

The normal BAW livery was removed and they added a special one. Can you show us a screenshot of the livery list?

I see. From your homescreen, go into settings, then into about and check whether you have 20.3 just in case? It will be in the top left corner of the screen

how. I do i do this?

Ok i’ll try it now.

Just go and show us the game livery list with taking a screenshot. Or you can go to app store and check if you have the latest sim version

Hey! Can you confirm that you have the liveries below?

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In the App Store under the app details, you can check if you have the latest version of yet. If you do not, there will be an update punch update yet. If you do have the latest version of the app, it should say 20.03.

No i mean how do i send an image on this? (i’m new to the community)

Use the upload image button in the bottom right hand corner or in the top, what device are you on?

Take a screenshot then press this button

That is the new livery list, it’s already there