Issue with the CRJ - 200

Hey :).

So i had an issue some minutes ago while taking off at KSFO.

I was using the crj - 200, i calibrated my device and began accelerating. When i reached 60 Knots, the plane violently turned to the left ( i wasn´t using RUD and my device was in a completely horizontal position. ), then i cancelled takeoff and hardclosed the app to avoid a violation.

Does someone know why this happened?

There may be a possibility of a cross wind. Do you know what runway you were taking off from, and what direction the wind was blowing at?

It was runway 1R and there was some crosswind, 18 knots is the last data i remember. About the wind direction, i can´t remember. But 1R was yellow coloured and 28L,R were green. So i think the wind was at 300° aprox.

Then the cross wind must have been the cause of why your plane turned suddenly. You can check this tutorial out to help master cross wind takeoffs!

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Wow, didn´t know that crosswinds were that powerful. Anyway, ty for ur help :)

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Yea I was as surprised also when I first encountered them! Glad I can help!

Use the aircraft’s rudder to maintain flight direction and control.

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