Issue With the B Gates at KSFO

Hello everyone,

This evening I wanted to do a small 1:10 hop over to KLAS with Southwest Airlines out of KSFO. I went into gate B12 and started setting up the aircraft. I went to check the exterior, when I saw the aircraft’s left wing was going through the jetway. I then noticed all of the B gates are like that. If anyone knows why please let me know. Thank You.

Image proof as well.


The Jetbridges still need an adjustment. I’ll pass this along to the team. Thanks for the report @ORD777flyer


Well first of all it is a 737-700 which is actually smaller the than the A320. Secondly the B gates are SPECIFICALLY for SWA. It could just be a moderating issue, but it’s just very unrealistic.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. 👍👍😊

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