Issue with the A380 during cruising

I’m not very sure what this could be, maybe you are overweight or under speed?

I’ll check it out and give everyone a update

It has to do with how the HUD is placed in cockpit cam. The HUD interface is linked to the angle of the cockpit camera, causing it to be misrepresentative of its actual position relative to the FPV. This happens to pretty much all aircraft with a reworked and/or live cockpit; in the CRJ family, for example, this wouldn’t be an issue (last I checked).

The FPV is positioned correctly; to get the HUD to show correctly in cockpit cam, you’ll need to move the cockpit cam around a bit to get it somewhat similar to what you’d see in HUD cam.

None of these hypotheses are correct. If you don’t know the answer, I’d refrain from injecting too many hypotheticals personally; don’t add more complexity to the question, which is easily explainable in a minute’s worth of writing.

You’ve never seen it before in an A380 because our old A380 model was far from realistic. The current model uses data from three different A380 Flight Manuals, videos of real-world A380 flying (cockpit cams), and written testimony from a former Emirates A380 pilot. With the limitations of Infinite Flight in mind, it’s about as accurate as it can be in the Infinite Flight atmosphere.

Pretty much all airliners will cruise with a 2-3 degree nose-up attitude anyway in flight; this applies to Boeings, Airbuses (bar the A330/340, which cruise a bit more level), and Embraers. Bombardier aircraft also cruise a bit more on the level side, but it’s still a tiny bit nose-up. A quick Google search would’ve easily answered this question, to be honest.

The plane wouldn’t be released if it couldn’t even cruise correctly. :)


Perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough. I don’t regard the floating HUD’s decoupling from the FPV to be a misrepresentation, but rather to be the natural consequence of maintaining the depiction of flight path direction, as it should be, against the external horizon, while the attitude info of the moveable HUD floats with the view direction. I’ve written extensively on this in a couple other topics and offered a reason why this is logical and extremely useful for flying with precision while looking in different directions.

I was referring here to where the edge of the external horizon actually exists. FPV on the horizon corresponds to zero VS by definition (there is no speed component up or down). The edge of the earth’s visible terrain however is slightly offset from that zero position.

And this appears consistent in all aircraft, including the CRJ’s (I just re-verified). So, I was attempting to reason about that slight offset. But the thing is, the effect gets amplified with zoom, so I have to be careful about making a visual estimation of VS from the amount of deviation of the FVP from the horizon, due to the zoom distortion of this gap.

@Lanes_AviationYT is not entirely incorrect. The pitch up is most definitely related to speed and weight (and altitude). The only issue is whether it is within normal operating conditions or not. And it appears to be acceptable from the available info.

I think it was a well meaning question, worth asking. Most online sources give weak explanations for why this occurs.


Ah okie I guess I’m just abit over weight

It doesn’t look as though you’re overweight. I think someone else might refer you to their preferred reference data.

I’m just looking at you being at 86% load at FL300, which doesn’t sound too unreasonable. And your apparent AoA, which is what causes the pitch up in level flight, looks not bad at all as @ToasterStroodie pointed out.

(I’ll refrain from bringing up angle of incidence, which is beyond the scope)

Ooo what alltuide should I be flying at? Or speed rn I’m m0.85

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The HUD is like that one all “reworked” aircrafts! They have slightly “lower view” from the cockpit cam and therefore the FPV seems like it is climbing! So nothing to worry about boss! You can test with all aircrafts not reworked and you will see the difference! It’s just the cockpit cam default positioning when reworked Which has slightly tilted downwards so you have s better overview of the live instruments!

The tilt down is not a problem, and it’s not the issue being discussed in relation to the HUD.

But because this topic has the main goal of answering the op’s concerns, if there’s any continuing interest in the HUD/FPV discussion, a new topic could be opened about that specifically(?)

My apologies for going off on that tangent.

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Aircraft nose being pitch up like this while cruising is very normal. Not only on A380, but also every aircraft.

If u watch a youtube video about A380 or other planes, the nose will be like in the pict while cruising.

@Adi2 Maybe in would help to not have trim set to 51%

There’s nothing wrong with their trim setting. If there’s no green, orange, or red line in the trim tab, he’s trimmed out correctly. The A380 in IF also does require noticeable amounts of nose-up trim in cruise anyway, so please avoid spreading incorrect assumptions. I already outlined the “issue” a few replies up. No need to pile on with stuff that’s incorrect.

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I apologize for any confusion caused.

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