Issue with the 777 wings

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I want to talk about something that since the 772ER came out more than one person have notice, I have found that the wings are so much wider/thicker than the real life and please don’t start putting comments like “this is a little detail”, “they are busy working in other things” or the typical argument like “it’s about the perspective” blah blah blah.

because as IF have said
the team who make the planes are not the same who work in clouds or buildings, I just want to highlight this issue. 😊

I understand if people say this is a insignificant detail because c’mon not everyone can see the difference between the 3D model and the actual thing, also if people take this as an attack to the hard work of the 3D artist that’s not my problem, I’m just saying that things can be worked.

Here’s some images so for you can see more clearly what I’m pointing out.

This example was provided by: @Javier_Blancas


Another example by me:
(The red line is to mark how thick it is)

Before than anything (please) if you need to argue just say it in the most respectful way possible I don’t want to make this a fight

And my question is:

INFINITE FLIGHT would you make this corrections? Or we’ll need to wait to see this changes like the A350


Hmm, that does look a bit off. At the same time, keep mind, this may have to do with the reflection on the sunlight, shadows, or even a slight tint in color can really change how it looks. If the devs find something with enough error behind it, they will most likely fix it at some point.

On another note, thanks for being so respectful, it means a lot!


Sasha is right. If you look at this photo of a DHL 777F, take a look at the tiny light reflection line under the gray bit and you’ll see that it’s just the paintjob

No it’s not, the colors doesn’t matter, is the structure of the wing, it’s so much thicker

Take a closer look 😉

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You must remember that it is still being tested and testing is done to catch these things before mainstream release.

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along with this, I hope they fix the gear animation

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That’s fair–however those are all perceptual and vary depending on conditions. What doesn’t change are the profile edges and surface breaks of the geometry itself, which is what bvv_2019 and others are pointing out.

Even if everything is correct, it still is pretty easy to spot that the current rendition is way thicker than the real life counterpart. And that has consequences further down the line such as fuselage wing root placement, etc.

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I have been saying the exact same thing, but I always get responded with “We’re working on it”. But since the beta testing is already underway, I doubt they will do anything about it.


Have you considered that is in fact because we are indeed working on it but it takes time to change large chunks of a model?🙂