Issue with the 772 flaring

Whenever I’m doing short final on an airport with the new 772 I always flare at 20 feet but when I do it with the 772 it enters a stall like behaviour and makes the landing extremely hard I don’t know if it’s a problem with the game or there’s something I’m doing wrong. Can someone help me?

what speed were you at on short final?

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What’s your speed is the aircraft heavy

I was between 135 and 140 kts IAS

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The aircraft was a pretty heavy. above the MLW

What’s your weight and config.?

Ok, make sure that you do not cut the power to soon, because if you do not land soon enough, you will lose speed and stall
try to keep the speed going untill you are going to land (10)

And NEVER land above MLW

This is why

Because if your plane is above the MLW your speed is too slow so your plane will stall

If you are over the MLW, fuel dump untill you are not

Oh okay thank you sooo much.

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No problem

Ok thank you.

just make sure you are not

I was practicing short final maybe that’s why, I don’t really focus about the weight

In case you don’t know what MLW means, it means Maximum Landing Weight. That’s why it’s not recommended to land at MLW

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@Amazing_Phantom Yes I know I just don’t keep in mind my weight when practicing short finals, I should start doing it.

That explains it. You need to be below MLW. 145kts is a good landing speed if your heavy close to MLW. 135 is on the low end. MINIMUM 130kts. Also cut power at 10-20 feet :) depends on your weight. But it allows for enough start up power for a go around and so you don’t stall on short final.

Lol yeah. I used to land on a380 max weight just for fun. At the time I didn’t know what it was and it was pre-fuel update. I was clocking final at 170kts 😂


145 is a good VREF speed tbh. I usually land at 136kts.