Issue with taking off and landing

Hi, I’m having a huge issue with taking off and landing. Whenever I take off my plane sharply rotates to the left and cause the plane to almost crash and when I land it rotates to the left very sharply as well and forces me off the runway. Any one know what the problem would be? It’s definitely not wind.

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I would like to know the aircraft type, the weight of the Aircraft and the Speed you are at

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Do you calibrate your device before takeoff.

It sounds like you are in one of the small props, where engine torque can cause your plane to veer to one side. Try taking off at a bit lower speed, and use that rudder.


If you’re flying on solo then check your weather settings but if it’s on live then it’s probably about your use of rudder when taking off

You’ve got some tips already.
I recall someone having this problem in the past and it turned out he had his Auto Pilot HDG and ALT set before being in the air. So just in case for you… Auto Pilot switched off before and during takeoff roll.

Agree. Don’t set ALT active before takeoff. You can go ahead and set your desired altitude in ALT before takeoff, but don’t activate it until after takeoff.

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If you have “auto-coordination” turned on in your settings, turn it off. This will de-link your ailerons and rudders so you can have more control on your turns/banks/yaw.

I can think of 3options.

  1. You haven’t calibrated so your device is set so that when you are holding it steady, your yoke is turned towards one side

  2. you are flying on solo and the wind is very high

  3. You are in a small one engine aircraft and you are takeoff off to fast.

Everyone else’s answers sounded correct (I’m not trying to be that guy that’s like “oh yep try that and try that” or that guy that repeats everything that everyone else has said (even though i know i did that once))

This is unusual so you should be able to fix this and it shouldn’t be a glitch or lag.

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Yeah thanks for the reply got it sorted by just uninstalling and installing the app.

Check, enjoy IF and IFC :)

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