Issue with system status

hi guys,

i have a problem with the “global server” system status on the top right of the screen as it appears with a red alert icon about 10 mins into each flight.

when this happens, i lose all the scenery etc and the ground texture goes completely unrendered and blue and green. it looks like someone went over and smudged in the scenery. i also lose all the airport features so i am unable to land as the airports dont even show on the map nor when landing or looking down from when airborne i lose everything other than a blue/green unrendered map without any features etc…

i was going to send screenshots of the problem but turned out that screenshots didnt save onto cam roll which i know is deffo not an IF issue.

anyone able to advise of a possible solution please?

ipad mini 4
IOS 13.6


Hi! Can you please tell us the amount of storage you have left in your iPad?

If you’re running low on storage, the app will not be able to download additional scenery which will make the Global Server turn red, scenery not rendering properly and no airports will be shown.


Hi there! Sorry to see you are encountering this issue. You are experiencing the side affects of what this issue brings. How’s your WiFi connection?


63.9GB our of 64GB. this is probably the problem with the storage right?


my wifi connection is fine :)

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I think you answered the question opposite of what @tunamkol answered - i assume this is how much is used, not how much is available?

And yes, that would be the issue :)


ah yes ahahha.

thanks for the help 👍🏼