Issue with subscription purchase

Hi everyone. I tried to buy the pro subscription but when I bought it it said the purchase was a success but it didn’t work so I think that they should give it to me for free as the money was spent on my account and my refund button will not work so I should get it for free so ye that’s my point.

Try restarting your device.

Please provide more information so we can help you. If you are looking for a refund then contact the respective App Store support or google play, if you want have bought your subscription and want to access it then please provide device details so we can help troubleshoot. Is it an iOS or android device?


We surely hope you’ll stay with us and enjoy your purchase. As mentioned we’d love to help.

Please send us some more info as requested. Also, a few screenshots would help!

Is this your first time purchasing IF subscription?
As requested, send us device info, etc. The more info the better.

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