Issue with Speed Tape

Hi, on both times I was on final approach at KORD my speed tape started freaking out. I checked everything but nothing seemed to solve it. Does anyone know why?

Most likely it’s the winds gusting.


But it happened twice, 6hrs apart and around 2m to touchdown

It’s normal for gusting winds to cause airspeed fluctuations.

It’s not for nothing that Chicago is called the “Windy City!”

Gusting winds are a common cause for the speed tape to move up and down like it’s freaking out.

Also, in this update, there has been an issue reported with turbulence being a little non-existent due to the weather backend being reworked (according to some reports), so gusting winds may not be as obvious as they used to be.

the same thing happened to me so i had to disconnect the speed

Generally speaking they are also normally not that easily noticed apart from the airspeed if they are straight on, as you aren’t shaken or anything but just have these major airspeed fluctuations.

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