Issue with scenary appearing

Hello IFC, I am having some issues with the Global server loading.

At first, when I spawn in, it is fine; about 30 minutes to an hour, it goes blank, nothing loads, you can see nothing.

I tried landing my plane a few minutes ago, and I crashed when I was 3000 MSL above the ground on final.

I will get photos into this topic when I can get them exported. But if anyone knows what is happening, I would love to know!

Solutions I have Tried:

  • Restarting my device multiple times
  • Clear the scenery cache

try uninstalling the app, then install it again. Make sure to have enough storage and the wifi is strong

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What’s your shortage on your device currently?

Full, I am unable to delete anything on my devic.

My Wifi is very strong.

that might be why. You dont have enough storage to load the scenery

Does anyone know a way to clear the storage.

I am having trouble just clearing the storage, everything I delete comes back a second later

In order to play Infinite Flight, you need more than 1 GB of storage. I would get rid of some replays. Also, if you clear your scenery cache. That can really cause some storage as well

I will do that now

i would backup my photos and videos on my pc and delete them from my phone. Also delete other app’s cache.

IF keeps crashing when I try to load into it now

do a device restart

done that still crashing

try to clear cache again from the phone’s settings

ok I will try that

did it work?

Why does the topic have the “solution” tick? The comment of the solution is a bit strange, or did you misclick? Curious since that doesn’t make sense.

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I removed it

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Go to settings, Storage, and there should be a button that says something like this “Delete recently removed items” something along the lines like that

@ThomasThePro Ya I misclicked!

@Drummer Thanks

@InfiniteFlightNewark I am doing that now!

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