Issue with SCEL

SCEL is 3D, which is why I suspect this issue has not been fixed yet. it isn’t a huge deal, but in game Pier E is completely wrong. I haven’t even checked the other Piers, this was only brought to my attention because I was planning a flight with real gates and Saw gate E04 (screenshot 1) but didn’t see E04 in game (Screenshot 2). when I spawned in at gate E06, I see where the gates would be are zoned off for construction. (screenshot 3) while the rendering (screenshot 4) proves that area does have gates and the santiago airport website (screenshot 1) proves it is operational. I will provide screenshots:

Green = E01A, E01B
Yellow = E03, E03A, E03B
Red = E05, E05A, E05B
Blue = E06, E06A, E06B
Black = where E04 should be (I don’t know if there is an E04A/B)
pink = where E06 should be (I don’t know if there is an E06A/B)


This would be relating to the amount of available imagery for the airport at the time of it being built, being almost a year old from its starting point. The new terminal from what I can find, only opened in late February - early April of this year.

I’ll pass this on so it can be noted for an update when everything can be guaranteed avaliable as imagery seems to be updated. :)


All right! That is interesting that only two gates were missing, but it did only open very recently. Thank you!

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I’ll update SCEL when I get a chance, the 2D and 3D will receive upgrades since we now have updated sat imagery. When it was first built, the imagery wasn’t up-to-date so I really didn’t want to butcher the new Espigon’s. Thanks for the heads up!